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Sailing the Seas Together (Jack Sparrow x Reader)
“What do you think about marriage?” Captain Jack Sparrow grinned at you. You had been close to him as his first mate but scoffed at the idea of him being married.
“Yes. It’s a great idea.”
“Really? You married. We all know you’ll never settle for a single partner.” He looked hurt.
“I mean it baby. Let’s sail the high seas together. Nothing could stand in our way.”
“I like you but I don’t know if you would survive without the variety of lovers.”
“All I want is you. I’ll survive as long as I have that. Am I to take your response as a yes?”
“Yes. Yes Jack, I’ll marry you.” You hugged him tight and kissed him. Your heart felt as if it were going to beat out of your chest.
“The next time we land, we’ll find a priest and everything. For now, let’s have a few drinks to celebrate.”
You couldn’t help but smile and sink into a dee
:iconphoenixremixed:PhoenixRemixed 34 35
Jack sparrow x reader
You knew exactly where he was... Tortuga was full off bars and places but Jack was only to be found in one place..
You approached the inn and a loud sound came from within, it was such a busy atmosphere people were drunk out there nuts, girls was dancing and bottles were being threw round the room and then you saw him, Captain Jack Sparrow: see you knew Jack since you was young so through out the years you started progressing feelings for the captain. But that didn't matter you were here for one thing and one thing only to help you get the compass for Will. Will asked you to help him get the compass to save Elizabeth, you agreed because Elizabeth has been loyal to you in the bad times..
And then you approached him "Good evening Captain sparrow"
" And who may you be, eh?" He gave a confused look.
You smirked "Really Jack?" You bared in thought this guy was drunk out of his head
"________? Why are you here?" The dark haired captain asked you.
"See Jack i need a bit of help i need that co
:iconmiddleearthkirst:middleearthkirst 84 19
Jack Sparrow X Pirate!Reader: Captain
You gave a small sigh, leaning against the wheel of your ship. You watched the sail flutter, the waves rocking again and again. You loved being a Captain. A well-known Captain at that. Captain (y/n) (l/n). One of the finest. You were known for being a terrific sailor. Brutally honest. Cunning. Sly. Stealthy. Attractive. Any of those words came to peoples’ minds when the topic of you and your ship were brought up. As you were reminiscing about your life on the sea, you failed to notice two of your crew members approaching you, a man in shackles in their grasp. You turned at the feeling of a tap on your shoulder, your (h/c) hair fluttering in the sea breeze. You gave the two men a small smile before noticing the one in shackles. With a bag over their head, you had no clue who it was. But they seemed familiar. They had a certain vibe. A vibe that you really wanted to hate, but almost couldn’t. Without a word, you tore away the bag. To be met with a nervous smirk. Jack. That da
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 308 45
Husband! Hetalia x Wife! Reader: Trying
Husband! Hetalia x Wife! Reader: Trying
Just another day at home.
Ha, yeah right.
You sighed as you listened to your husband talk to you over the phone, complaining about work. He was clearly tired and agitated with his boss, doing his best just to get through yet another stressful day of papers and listening to other people complain about them. He never had time to himself anymore, and it seemed like his boss didn't want to give him any either. So you sighed once more, telling your husband you loved him before ending the call. But just as you were returning the receiver to it's place, a thought hit you, causing a smile to come to your face.
You see, despite what your husband thought, you knew without a doubt there was one thing that could make him happy again.
A new start was in order: a new life.
Literally, a new life.
As in, a family.
You smiled as you took off to get ready, sure that you could get your husband to relax and open up to the idea all in one night.
:iconjapaneseredwolf:JapaneseRedWolf 149 130
Babysitting? [Hetalia x Reader] {Intro}
You were walking to another boring world meeting. This time it was another part, farther from where you lived. You had you take a plane, and you were almost late to board the plane. Luckily you made it in time.
Now you were walking a few blocks away from where meeting was going to take place.
You looked at the building and went inside. When you opened the door to the conference room, it was complete chaos. People yelling at each other from across the table, people throwing paper around the room, basically it was crazy. You took your usual seat, between America and England, which were arguing with each other, per usual.
You sighed, getting with everyones loud 'talking'.
This was just another boring meeting far from your comfy home...
~{Time Skip}~
Now finally, that the meeting was over you were one of the first to leave, wanting to escape the room quickly. And you ran outta there.
You were now walking along the sidewalk near a park, the sun setting. While you were peacefully walking, wh
:iconenchantedash:EnchantedAsh 11 6
Babysitting? Prussia End
(Please read the intro first ^^)

This wasn't the best choice in the world, but it was the only one you had at the moment. 'Ugh, I have no other choice so I have to go over there' you thought while holding, as you now know the child as Alwin.
You sighed as you knocked on the door that belonged to the 'Prussian' as he called himself. 
"Oh frau, what are you doing here? And who's this?," Gilbert asked you, his face full of confusion.
"This is Alwin, he was lost from his parents so Im going to take care of him, and since the weather isn't helpful right now..Im going to stay here," you replied to him. 'This is a horrible idea'
"Well Im honored that you want to stay at mein awesome house!"
"Yea, yea" you replied to him.
"Who are you, and who's that bird?," Alwin asked Gilbert, pointing at Gilbird who just landed on Gilbert's shoulder.
Gilbert looked at him before responding, "I'am the awesome Gilbert, and zhis is mein awesome bird, Gilbird!" 
:iconenchantedash:EnchantedAsh 3 0
Germany X Reader X Brothers!Italy Bros. - Warned
Usually when people heard you were the younger sister of the two Italy’s they would ask what country or province you were. They would then become disappointed when they heard you were only half-country and half-human. You couldn’t really become your own country unless you tried to and being half Italian made you think, “Ugh, too much work…” Your two older brothers were always busy, so it was a miracle when you could see them. So, this next trip was defiantly a miracle.
For Christmas, you were going to America to move in with your brothers who were staying there for the season. You were finally going to see and spend a whole season with them and you could barely hold in your excitement.
You were currently at the New York City airport picking up your bags, when you heard a familiar voice yell to you.
“Mia sorellina, ___! È così bello vederti!” Feliciano came swooping in and picked you up, spinning you around. “You have gotten so b
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 384 83
Mature content
Brother!Norway x Reader LEMON Requests :iconcarebearheart:Carebearheart 271 138
Man Corsets (Austria x Reader x Prussia)
"Be wary of the quiet ones. They hide the biggest secrets." - Anonymous         
           So, here you were with your best friend, playing Call of Duty while eating pizza. You finished off the crust, watching as Gilbert got killed by a zombie.
          "Verdammt!" Chuckling, you shoved your pizza into his mouth and revived him quickly. Unexpectedly, a swarm of zombies ran to your direction, surprising you. You growled; you weren't going to lose this now. It was the freaking twenty-fourth round already! As you were doing so, though, Gilbert said something out of the blue. About his best frenemy, Roderich Edelstein.
          "[Name], you know Roderich, right?"
          "You know zhat he's zhe personification of Austria, right?"
:iconpandaplueboo:PandaPlueBoo 129 20
Fascination|Italy x Punk!Reader|Part Three
-Italy x Punk!Reader-
•Part Three•
It was Friday morning and (Name) was debating on wither or not it would be a good idea to go to school.
After she walked away from Feliciano, she couldn't help but feel a tiny bit jealous. Which was quite unusual because she never got jealous.
Not even when she was dating Gilbert and he flirted with other girls, which was not the reason they had broken up. And she still didn't get jealous when he had kissed and flirted with other girls in front of her after they broke up, which is why they had become friends afterwards.
The point was, being jealous was not an emotion she felt.
And now that she felt it in her chest, she wanted it out like an uninvited guest that she despised so much.
And as the events of last night played, she was seeing herself as a hypocrite.
She was the one who was flirting with some guy and trying to get him to take her to his place while the Italian had just been taking girl's numb
:iconsaviours:Saviours 172 59
Fascination|Italy x Punk!Reader|Part Two
-Italy x Punk!Reader-
•Part Two•
"Annnd, we're done."
(Name) slapped her hands together and placed them on her hips, examining her creation. Gilbert came up to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and look at the Italian.
"I have to admit, it suites him better than the style itself."
"Told you."
"Can I-a look now?"
"Yea, the mirror is in the closet."
Feliciano nodded and walked into her closet where a large mirror was displayed. His eyes widen when he saw his reflection.
The middle of his hair was put in a Mohawk while the sides were slicked back to make it look shaved. He wore a pair of ripped, black skinny jeans with homemade patches with bands names stitched to it, there was a large hole ripped on the left knee down. He wore two belts, one plain black one and one with bullets. He wore a white, sleeveless shirt with a band name in red letters. On top of it was a black, jean jacket that was also sleeveless and contained studs everywhere, more
:iconsaviours:Saviours 136 33
Fascination|Italy x Punk!Reader|
-Italy x Punk!Reader-
•Part One•
(Name) sat in the back of the classroom, legs crossed on top of the desk. She rolled her eyes at the teacher when he began talking about an assessment that she could care less about. She placed her earphones into her ears and blasted her song in high volume.
If you would label her one thing, it would be punk.
Her hair was (Hair Length) and half shaven. Her ears stretched, pierced from bottom to top on the left side and an industrial piercing on the right. She had a Labret piercing, along with a double nose ring in her right nostril. Her eye liner was inspired by Elvira, who she admired dearly, and had on a dark red lip stick . Her clothing consisted of a short, plaid skirt with a belt that had many chains and had a pair of ripped fishnet tights to go under it. She wore a tank top that came down to her navel and a leather jacket with studs on the shoulders, in which she rolled the  sleeves up to her elbow
:iconsaviours:Saviours 222 151
Mafia! Hetalia X Seductive! Reader 5
     The three men had their mouth's agape upon seeing the beautiful woman known as (F/n) (L/n). Slowly a blush began to spread across Alfred Jone's face. He hadn't the slightest clue of why this was happening to him. He was a hard core Mafia boss. In fact, he illegally exported the most guns out of all the Gangs. So why did she make him feel so.... Jittery. Nervous. Exposed...  
     The woman airly giggled and gave a light hearted smile to each of the men. Excluding Matthias. He was glaring rather suspiciously at her, like he was trying to analyze the woman but couldn't figure out what was wrong.
     Arthur Kirkland was the first to stand and greet her with a chaste kiss on the hand.
     "Hello Miss, my name is Arthur Kirkland. It is an honor to make your acquaintance." He introduced himself and sat down quickly. Arthur also didn't stop himself from getting a good look at her curves. He smirked to himself.
:iconfreedom-machine:Freedom-Machine 98 25
Mafia! Hetalia X Seductive! Reader 4
   The woman stared at the young child with a maddening glare. And yet, there were tears forming in her (e/c) eyes. She didn't understand why she was so reluctant to do this, she's done this before. Why would this girl be any different?
   Frantic running could be heard from the room across. And (Y/n)'s eyes widened. Ivan must have heard Natalia's sobs.
   She stole one more look at the whimpering child in her grasp. Natalia wasn't struggling anymore,  she simply lost all hope and was now sobbing hot tears onto The Woman's hand.
   (Y/n) took the mini gun in her hand, and forcibly smashed it on Natalia's temple. There was enough power, to knock her out, and hopefully lose her memory. But not enough to kill the small girl.
   Blood began to pour from the child's head.
   The Woman swiftly ran to a window, unlatched it, and jumped out just in time. The two story jump was no longer hard to cover, after years of practice it w
:iconfreedom-machine:Freedom-Machine 188 64
Mafia! Hetalia X Seductive! Reader 2
Part 2~
  Backstage in a dimly lit room, the woman sat cross legged sitting in front  of a vanity mirror with brightly lit bulbs. She steadily put on her bold red lipstick.
  The room was small, but at least large enough to fit a black love seat, and a bed built for two. A lovely aroma of vanilla and cigarette smoke sweetly wafted through the air.
  The woman turned around when she heard a rather excited knock on the door. She arched a brow and sat silent for a second.
  *knocknocknocknock*..."(Y/n)? Are you in here?!"
  She smirked when she heard the voice knowing exactly who it was.
  "Yes I'm here darlin'. Come on in if you please." She purred.
  The door opened, and her smile grew.
  "Why hello there Mathias..."

   "Hello yourself Ms.(L/n)" The sandy blonde chuckled back.
   Name:Mathias Køhler
   Status:Head of the Danish mafia
:iconfreedom-machine:Freedom-Machine 176 181
Mafia! Hetalia X Seductive! Reader
  A dangerous bar. For dangerous men. At least 3 people are shot here a week. But did anyone really care? Nah. They were gangsters. They were the mafia! And no one dared to get into their business.
   "Ciao Lovino! Do you-a know which heads of the houses are here-a?"
A brunette man with a pinstriped suit, sat back in his chair whilst glaring at his twin brother with amber eyes.
   "Of course I do-a Feliciano. I must for the sake of our-a Italiano branch." He replied. It was true, if you didn't know your people here, you would have no business running.
   He glanced around the room full of young lethal men. Identifying each one individually.
   Arthur Kirkland: 26 years old. Head of the British Mafia.
   Alfred Jones: 26 years old. Head of the American Mafia.
   Ivan Braginski: 29 years old. Head of the Russian Mafia
   Ludwig and Gilbert Beilschmidt: Brothers. 27 and 28 years old. Heads of the German Mafia.
:iconfreedom-machine:Freedom-Machine 397 149



3 deviations
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2p london
2p london is the opposite counter part of 1p london and her human name is her father 2pUk she like pastel color but mostly pink and green she likes baking sweets and warning dont eat her special cookies (like father like daughter peeps!
physical age:16
killing skills:kills people and putting them in her cookies or makes poison batches of sweets
danger level:6
allies:2pface,2p allies
like:2p paris and baking
apperance:long pink hair in pigtails and nearly has same eyecolor cause she uses contacts but her eyes are pastel blue and she has a pink and purple loli and a sweet smile


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