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Germany X Reader- Cat in my mail PT1
~Germany's Pov~
'The last thing i remember, I was lying in my bed with cat ears and a tail. I expect England and his black magic. Gah! im going to kill him! Anyway, I think Italy shoved me in this box with food and about 4 holes on each side of this box. I can say i can fit, but im starting to get sore staying in this position! How long have I been in here? I have no idea where im going. This place doesn't seem familiar. Damn italy, where did you send me to?' he just sat quietly in his box waiting for it to be opened.
~Your Pov~
You Start to play your Hetalia CD in your TV, and lay in your bed. You laugh a lot and your favorite Character is Germany. Germany Germany Germany! you just loved him. You always thought to yourself 'Why cant he be real!?' or 'I wish he was here!' You even tried to learn German but only failed at it. You tried to release some fan-girl stuff off your chest cause y
:icontheunknownlover:TheUnknownlover 84 75
Creepy Doll Maker :iconniobesnuppa:Niobesnuppa 400 243 APH: Academy Hetalia -game- :iconcarichan:carichan 8,367 2,623 INTERACTIVE GERMANY FLASH GAME! :iconnamioki:NamiOki 4,816 2,744 Anime Character Maker 2.2 :iconxdanond:xdanond 8,361 2,069
100 Hetalia Headcanons
1. Ever since he caught on fire, Sealand has had recurring nightmares that he burnt to death that cause him to wake up screaming and crying. Whenever he does Finland is usually first to react; he always holds Sealand close and sings "Baby Mine" in Finnish.
2. Natural disasters physically harm the characters; Iceland has various burn marks from Volcanic Eruptions, for example.
3. There are personifications of states, provinces, etc. They are the country's children; America often has his congressmen help him with his states, since there's 50 of them. How old they are depends on how long they've been part of that country. Delaware, for instance, is America's oldest, and Hawaii is his youngest.
4. There are also personifications of oceans and seas; they're actually merfolk, too. The countries and states often envy the oceans and seas because they live such peaceful lives. No war, no problem, it seems.
5. Mediterranean Sea and Greece both knew Atlantis; they both had a crush on the princess
:iconbeatlemaniac01:Beatlemaniac01 91 102
Kuroshitsuji Headcanon
1) Diederich have learned Vincent’s death by Klaus, come in Germany for say the horrible new to his friend’s best friend. Tanaka and Klaus have decided to not send a letter, because just a letter would have been too cruel. Specially in Tanaka’s mind since he knew the exact relation between the two man.
2) When he lave learned that Ciel was alive, he have immediately call him for know if he was alright and if he had need of help.
3) He regrets always to not be returned to England to search the child when Klaus told him that nobody had found the body of the child. [1]
4) Since Ciel’s return, he calls him all 2 or 3 months.
5) Ciel have never suspected the german guy. Because for him it’s impossible that he be the culprit.
6) Edward likes Ciel, really, but he likes his little sister more.
7) Ciel have actually decided that, when he will die (certainly before that he could be married and have one child), Phantomhive title belongs to Edward for that his co
:iconnaehja:Naehja 1 0
Mitsuki Horenake's 100 HETALIA HEAD-CANONS~
1. A nation has two names [human and nation] for a reason.  When a nation calls one by their real name, which is that of a nation, it is a sign of formality to the person speaking with them.  If that nation is called by their human identity, it is a casual remark and is usually used by close friends.  Something like a nickname.
2. Japan is a straight man who happens to be a rare fan fiction writer and even more creative than Italy Veneziano.  His imagination tends to leak to his people, which is why we as a world get awesome stuff from him.
3. Canada has a super power like America's super strength, which isn't really a symbol of a super nation, but rather how identical he is to his brother in both appearance in voice.  It sucks that it's invisibility.
4. France tried to take advantage of Canada's invisibility when he found out about it.
5. Fortunately, Canada is not a pervert.
6. Italy Romano is a devout Catholic, but is recently
:iconhotarumitsuki101:HotaruMitsuki101 103 204
Watching the Countries RussiaxReader
Watching the Countries
2. Cook him some breakfast. He's not picky as long as it warms him up.
4. ...He did kill you? Well that's good. Must mean he likes you.
5. Help him tend to his sunflower garden. They're his favorite flower.
6. Please don't mention that another flower is better or- OH DEAR GOD YOU DON'T LISTEN DO YOU?
7. Ask for forgiveness.
8. Cook dinner together, go ahead and invite his sisters. Just be aware of Belarus...
9. If you can get him to truly smile, that be great. He doesn't do that much anymore and I miss it.
10. Cuddle up under a warm blanket by the fire place. I'll be home soon.
:iconchai-turtle:Chai-turtle 13 2
England X Germany 1940 :iconhetaliasse:hetaliasse 386 35 Poland X Germany 1944 :iconhetaliasse:hetaliasse 1,184 92 Russia X Japan 1905 :iconhetaliasse:hetaliasse 523 51 Germany X Italy 1944 :iconhetaliasse:hetaliasse 813 128 UK 1940 :iconhetaliasse:hetaliasse 408 21 Ger 1945 :iconhetaliasse:hetaliasse 689 97 UK x US 1945 :iconhetaliasse:hetaliasse 794 77




Spider Doll
this is the first time i made my oc in and if anyone wants a oc you can comment below and if you like what i made thanks this is my first time uploading what i mixed up 
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